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Ever since I heard of it I have wanted to have a go at yarnbombing. So when The Fit O’ The Toon Community Association in Arbroath decided to have a go at doing some at Danger Point, I join them.

It’s a lot of creative fun getting together once a week with a group of lovely creative people, who chose the name the Wooly Workers.

The bombing targets are the restored drying green poles, lampposts, gateways and other street furniture in the immediate area. The full installation is due to go up at the end of May and will stay in place for a couple of weeks.

There are lots of inspired works already completed or in progress. We now have a facebook group where you can catch up on progress and the latest news of the installation of the bombing!






Here are some of my works for sale at Hallgreen Castle, Inverbervie, NEOS venue 130.

Crochet wallhangings made from reclaimed materials:-   fabrics, yarns and other elements.  Displayed on yarnbombed driftwood.  £40.

16-9-hallgreen1 16-9-hallgreen2 16-9-hallgreen3 16-9-hallgreen4 16-9-hallgreen5