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I always encourage learners to keep all their first attempts at learning.

Firstly because people learn a lot from their mistakes, so having the mistake in hand at that “how did I sort this one out last time?”moment really helps jog the memory.  Secondly, because it is such an encouragement to see how far you have come.

I asked the students to bring all stages of their work in at the end of the course to show off their progress.  Here are some photographs of the work they produced.  Thank you for allowing me to use your photos, and my apologies for not getting them posted sooner.

Overview 1

An overview of students’ work

overview 2

and again, more work.

Puzzles and frustrations of a blogging beginner

OK – After what seems like forever, I am still learning how to blog.  Yesterday I learned that galleries don’t seem to work very well.  The pictures looked small and uninteresting and didn’t display at all in facebook.  Just a big blank space – which did have a link to the gallery page, but it took ages to load.    Now I understand why people post one photograph at  time.  So, please be patient with me as I learn.



I’m going to the AOS meeting tonight.  This year’s directories are ready, looking forward to finding what they are like this year and to handing them out.  For more information and directions to find my exhibition please see my AOS page at

Thank you!


I have a stall at the Then and Now vintage fair in Blairgowrie this Sunday.  Will be selling and promoting  my crafts tutoring skills.  Please come along 🙂

New Facebook Page

Please check out my new facebook page 🙂


Ruach (inks and plaster) £400 SOLD

Ruach (inks and plaster) £400 SOLD

New Pictures

I’ve added a few pictures of one of my latest works in its various stages of creation in the Work in Progress Page.  Enjoy 🙂

Angus Open Studios 22 – 26 May 2014

Here is the link to my member page :-

New projects

I will be holding crochet demonstrations in October 12th, 19th and 26th at Hobbycraft in Dundee. 

I will be there from 12.00 til 4.00pm. 

I will be covering some of the history of crochet, showing examples and teaching techniques. 

Please feel free to bring your own work with you if you would like some help with anything!