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Current work in progress

I used a framework of withies, hessian strips and reclaimed copper wires.  The elements will be alligned with these as the work develops.

Laying it out

Laying it out


I’m going to the AOS meeting tonight.  This year’s directories are ready, looking forward to finding what they are like this year and to handing them out.  For more information and directions to find my exhibition please see my AOS page at

Thank you!

New Work

Have been working on a bit of free form crochet.  Here’s one result, a wee wall hanging with jute and shells.

AOS brown hanging


Hi Everybody.  This year has started quiet.  I have been happily working away at new pieces of crochet work.

Meantime, my trusty computer friend had been quietly languishing in the Pooter Hospital 😦 awaiting a delicate operation “upgrading the hard drive”

I did not realise how much I depend on it till it isn’t here! I am without the technology to upload new photographs from my camera until at least  next week.  In the meantime here is a photograph of an older piece of work “Connections” whilst on display at Hallgreen Castle.Connection

This work was inspired by my favourite tree, a dead coppiced elm in the Nature Reserve at Kinnordy.  “Dead wood” is such an important item in a natural woodland, providing food, homes and shelter for many living things, and without it so much is lost from the natural environment.  There is just so much life around this “dead” tree.



Meet Me at the Horizon

A moody seascape, a far shore …..

meet me at the horizon

Oils on card, framed with plain wood behind non reflective glass.

A flight of fancy!!

Got carried away with a bit of freestyle working!

On an October evening by the fire ... ...

On an October evening by the fire … …

Lyart Sycamore leaf

Another variation in colours – again drawn from a real leaf.

sycamore lyart

“When lyart leaves bestrow the yird …..”

Autumnn is here. Colourful ideas developing 🙂new ideas 0ct 14