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  • Freeform work in progress

    As Angus Open Studios start today – here is a wee look at the current work in progress.  Come  along and see the whole thing for yourself 🙂      

  • Work in progress

    Bringing the elements of a wall hanging together and incorporating them on to the withy framework.    

  • Current work in progress

    I used a framework of withies, hessian strips and reclaimed copper wires.  The elements will be alligned with these as the work develops.


    This wall hanging is designed to fit a specific space above a stairwell. Over the next few days I will post some of the detail of the work. Firstly – here is one of the freeform spirals before being incorporated.  This is worked in two soft yarns of differing weights to give a variation in…

  • Work in progress:- Freeform Crochet Wall Hanging

    I am currently working on a wall hanging.  I am working freeform crochet onto a framework of withies and with a hessian backdrop.  I will be posting more details as it progresses.