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Sam Baxter – sambaxterart – has very kindly sent me these photographs of my work  from the above event.  Thanks for all  the hard work you put into this event Sam!


Big huge thanks to all of you in the Fun A Day Dundee team for all the hard work you put into this event. It was an absolute pleasure to take part.

Here are a few more photographs of the fun I had.  Enjoy!



Thanks for all the fun Dundee Fun A Day!

(It all started off on Hogmanay when somebody handed me a strange object and asked – “What can you do with this? Take it away and have a go!” So my Funaday project was finding out what I could do with a six foot shed skin from a boa constrictor!)

If you want to see what I did come along to the FunADay Exhibition this weekend.

It’s in WASP studios, Meadowmill, West Henderson Wynd, Dundee.  The opening night is on Friday 10 February from 7 – 9pm.  The Exhibition runs from 10.00am – 7.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are some photographs I took of the fun I had during the month.






Fun A Day Dundee 2 January 2017

Well, I’m a crochet tutor! So the first thing I saw when I looked at this shed snakeskin was a beautiful lacy crochet pattern. Don’t know quite how it would turn out or what I might use it for. Maybe give this a try out sometime and see if it can be made into a working pattern. Probably would need a more delicate name than Boa’s Belly Stitch though!