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Hey hey! 

The second Tunisian workshop of the summer is this weekend in Invergowrie!

There is still time to book a place on this full day exploration of this popular form of crochet.  You do not need any prior knowledge of crochet to learn this one!  Everything you need will be provided, except for lunch!  You will need to bring your own.  I will provide tea, coffee and biscuits.

The workshops costs £60.00 and a non-returnable deposit of £30 is needed to confirm your place. Please message me for the payment link.

Saturday 22 June – Tunisian Crochet Workshop

10.00 – 16.00

at  Invergowrie Parish Church Hall, 4 Errol Road, Invergowrie,DD2 5AD

Please bring a packed lunch with you.
Teas, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

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Crochet is a wonderful pliable way to work with yarn.
I will be in Alyth Town Hall over the weekend demonstrating some tips for getting started.
Here is a wee example.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with this motif and initially laid it aside.  I then decided to add some surface crochet and changed the look entirely!


You can download the full Alyth Creates guide here :-



What shall I make with this? The results of my test squares.

I ended up trying four sizes of hook.  First my favourite is the 8mm aluminium It gave a firm texture, which would be fine for a rug or placemat.

Second is a 10mm hook.  The texture if this is coming out feeling good, not too tight with a bit of flexibility. 

The third one is a 12mm knooking hook. The texture of this initially came out feeling very soft, but a bit loose and slabbery.  However, as I carried on, my tension evened out and become tighter.  Hence the fourth hook.

The fourth hook is a 15mm.  I liked the result I got from this best of all.

So here are my stitch and row counts from a 10 x 10cm square (4″ x 4″) for the four hooks, and photos in a gallery for you.

8mm hook –     8 stitches, 10 rows

10mm hook –   8 stitches, 8 rows

12mm hook –   7 stitches, 9 rows

15mm hook –  7 stitches, 7 rows.


In searching for a project to use this yarn for I found a crochet version of Claire’s Outland Cowl on Ravelry. I rather like this.

The link for it is here.



What shall I make with this? The value of test squares.


I have 650g of super chunky in my yarn stash, which has languished unused for too long, so decided to exlore what I can do with it, or whether I want to pass it on.  I tried it out as a first round of a granny square, and it looks good.  I like the nubbly texture it has

So now to try and work out what size of hook to use and how far it will go by doing a test square.  The recommended hook size is 10mm.  I know that I tend to work tightly, so a looser hook might be better.


I always make a test square bigger than the 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm) recommended.  This means that I can lay a 4″x4″ cut out square on top of the test piece and count the stitches and rows, without pulling the work out to “fit” the ruler, and getting a false reading.

I am trying three sizes of hook, because I have these immediately to hand.  First my favourite is the 8mm aluminium but see immediately that this is a bit small for the yarn.  It gives a firm texture, which would be fine for a rug or placemat.  But that is not what I want.  Still will continue for comparison.

Second is a 10mm hook.  It’s actually a knooking hook, but I like this one as it is polished wood, not bamboo.  I did try a bamboo hook, but it isn’t as smooth and didn’t move as easily through the work, so I didn’t like the snaggy feel as I worked with it.  The texture if this is coming out feeling good, not too tight with a bit of flexibility. 

The third one is a 12mm knooking hook. The texture of this is coming out feeling very soft, but it looks a bit loose and slabbery, so don’t think this will end up being the best.  We shall see.




Spring term is here!  The enrolment evening for Spring 2018 is on Thurdsay January 17th in Harris Academy, Dundee.     These classes are due to run again during the Spring Term.   Enrolment night is on January 17th at Harris Academy from 18.00 – 19.30.  For more details please visit Harris Education and Recreation Association –


The Mavericks Art Craft Group are holding a  Yuletide Fair on 2 & 3 December.   This event is being hosted by Amy Mason at her Bluebird Arts Premises. 

If your looking for something delightfully creative and hand-made you will find plenty to choose from here – including some of mine 🙂

You can find out more about Bluebird Arts by visiting Amy’s facebook page


I am looking forward to this evening! This is the first session of crochet classes I will be delivering over the next 12 weeks at Invergowrie, in Church of Scotland Hall at 7.00pm.