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  • Freeform work in progress

    As Angus Open Studios start today – here is a wee look at the current work in progress.  Come  along and see the whole thing for yourself 🙂      

  • Work in progress

    Bringing the elements of a wall hanging together and incorporating them on to the withy framework.    

  • Current work in progress

    I used a framework of withies, hessian strips and reclaimed copper wires.  The elements will be alligned with these as the work develops.


    This wall hanging is designed to fit a specific space above a stairwell. Over the next few days I will post some of the detail of the work. Firstly – here is one of the freeform spirals before being incorporated.  This is worked in two soft yarns of differing weights to give a variation in […]

  • Puzzles and frustrations of a blogging beginner

    OK – After what seems like forever, I am still learning how to blog.  Yesterday I learned that galleries don’t seem to work very well.  The pictures looked small and uninteresting and didn’t display at all in facebook.  Just a big blank space – which did have a link to the gallery page, but it […]

  • WORK IN PROGRESS – click to enlarge

    A quick look at what I am working on at the moment.  A wall hanging incorporating willow canes, copper wire and a wide  variety of yarns.  I haven’t counted them!

  • I found this example of surface crochet – which is beautifully simple and suitable for a beginner – so I thought I would share it.  Enjoy! https://www.fairfieldworld.com/project/crocheted-cable-loop-pillow/  

  • Work in progress:- Freeform Crochet Wall Hanging

    I am currently working on a wall hanging.  I am working freeform crochet onto a framework of withies and with a hessian backdrop.  I will be posting more details as it progresses.

  • A favourite picture

    Winter is coming! Wish I functioned as well in the cold as an eagle riding on the Ruach!



    MAVERICKS ART CRAFT GROUP Invite you to the Opening Night of the North East Open Studios Exhibition at Hallgreen Castle Inverbervie Friday 11th September 7pm-10pm “The Glorious Dream of the Middle Ages – as they might have been but never were”


    Dear Scotsman There is no such thing as an artist ” giving up”. Am sorry to hear about his injury – must be sooooooo frustrating!! http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/arts/visual-arts/injury-forces-jack-vettriano-to-quit-painting-1-3787515