Work in progress

The finished wall hanging

Earlier this year I complete a freeform wall hanging based on a beautiful tree in natural surroundings. I worked the cr onto a framework off withies, with a Hessian backdrop.



detail of withiesdetail of withies

CrochetWH detail4

working up the withies working up the withies

central layout central layout

connecting the parts connecting the parts

differend bands differend bands

smaller elementssmaller elements

hairpin crochet in wool hairpin crochet in wool

hairpin crochet band in fine jute

Wherever I go I am intrigued by patterns and textures. Last Autumn I took a leisurely walk with a friend round Cauldshiels Loch near Galashiels. It was a dreich grey day. Wet and still. Yet the cool quiet atmosphere was wonderfully relaxing and refreshing. Colours everywhere sang and shone in the wet.

Afterwards I returned to this wonderful atmospheric feeling and worked on capturing some of that vibrant,stripped-away stillness on canvas. Here is one of them in various stages of its emergence.


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