Alyth Creates a 3-day festival 26 – 28 May

WORKSHOPS! Ever wanted to crochet and no idea how to start? Or do you know the basics and want to learn different techniques..? I am a contemporary crochet artist and tutor. I will be running a series of workshops through Fri, Sat & Sun 26-28 May at the Alyth Festival.

Each day there is a BEGINNERS workshop 10am – 2pm, advanced in the afternoon 2pm – 4pm. I cater for left-handers. £10 per class. 



Fri pm – BROOMSTICK CROCHET Worked on a broomstick! This simple method creates loose fabric which has many uses. Why not start with a simple scarf?
Sat pm – HAIRPIN CROCHET Traditionally made on a shell hairpin this work grows quickly.
Sunday pm – AFGHAN CROCHET Working on an elongated hook this work sits somewhere between knitting and crochet. Quick and easy to learn, produces fabric from firm to lacy.
Contact Ellie on 01307 466354 to book.  

You can pay me easily through Paypal at


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